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Hi, I’m a new user and set up my account with my dropbox and added several accounts. I then installed desktop sync however it seemed to pick up (and set up a new odrive account) my partners dropbox. I now can’t get the desktop sync to ‘see’ my odrive account. I have deleted the extra odrive account and completely deleted the sync and reinstalled, but it still wanted to connected the the extra account which has been deleted. How can I resolve this please?

Hi @sarahgarton,
Are you currently logged into the correct account on your desktop?
It sounds like that is the case and you now want to link your parter’s Dropbox account?

If so, take a look at this thread which goes over linking more than one account of the same type:

It won’t allow me to log into any other account on the desktop and I’ve already deleted the spurious account

And yes I did log out of dropbox as well as deleting the extra account

You can login into a different odrive account on the desktop client by selecting “Authorized user”->“Deauthorize” from the odrive menu.

Before doing that, make sure you are logged out of the storage account your odrive account is using to perform authentication. If it is Dropbox, for example, log out of Dropbox complete.

Once you go through the odrive desktop client setup process again, you can login with the correct account.

This is perfect. Worked a dream. Thanks so much.

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Great! I’m glad you are back on track.