Can't Unsync. No Permission

Hello, I am having trouble unsyncing with odrive. I have created an EncFS encrypted folder within odrive, and I unmounted the folder before attempting to unsync, but I am still met with a “Can’t Unsync. No Permission” error. I have also tried restarting to ensure EncFSMP is not accessing the file (EncFSMP does not start with Windows), but I still cannot unsync. My guess is the encrypted filename is too long and giving odrive trouble. The full path I am trying to unsync is: M:\Cloud\odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\EncFS\f4SfbUjrrJbsdkzmT,ML55D,zs6KYlhTaScf43oHyMKQIk0dvqPGF2ZFYl4buioEQAfpwGsCySy7PuXzGvI0Vb3f (the file does not have an extension). The file has uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive completely and properly, and I am able to access it there.

Hi @bkoppe,

No permission error generally indicates that the OS is not letting us remove the file or directory, for some reason. To overcome such permissions error would you like to try the following and see if it works for you?

[Important] First, take backup of your files / folders which are failing to unsync (to external HDD or outside of odrive folder), to avoid any data loss in case something goes wrong and also don’t click on Empty Trash during any of the steps below otherwise you will end up deleting your files from the source.

  1. Launch odrive app
  2. Open odrive tray-menu and click “Pause sync”
  3. Open odrive tray-menu and set “Auto Empty Trash” to never (very important)
  4. Goto odrive folder, select folder which is failing to unsync and rename it (e.g. “EncFS” to “EncFS Renamed”)
  5. Select the folder and right-click --> unsync (e.g. “EncFS Renamed”), a dialog will appear.
  6. Click “Delete the files and unsync”, here you may notice your files / folders are moved to OS recycle bin (don’t worry)
  7. Open odrive tray-menu and click “Start sync”
  8. Wait for few secs until your folder appears in odrive tray menu Trash list
  9. Click on folder name in Trash list, a dialog will appear, please carefully click on “Recover”
  10. Wait for few secs and your folder will start appearing as placeholder / virtual stub in odrive folder (if not then right-click --> refresh)

Please let me the outcome of the above workaround or if you have any questions.