Can't sync subfolders inside "Library" on MacOS 10.13.5

Hey there,

I’m looking to sync a subfolder inside my system Library folder. Specifically, /Library/Audio/Presets. I don’t have the option in Finder to sync that folder (or any other folder beginning with “Library”), although folders in other locations still do have the option to sync. I tried changing permissions to be similar as that of a folder which does have the option to sync with no change. If by standard practice ODrive doesn’t allow the syncing of the Library folder, is there some way to circumvent that or otherwise allow ODrive access to that folder?


Hi @psymbionic,
I don’t believe we actively block the Library folder, but it may be restricted within Apple’s extension framework.

You can use the CLI to create the sync relationship::

  1. Open a terminal session (type “terminal” in Spotlight search):

  2. Copy and paste the following command into the terminal and hit enter (make sure to replace [remote/path/here] with your desired remote path):
    python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) mount /Library/Audio/Presets /[remote/path/here]

When using the CLI, the relationship will be created as defined. This means if you want the remote folder to have the same name as the local folder (Presets), you will need to make sure that folder exists and you point to it.

An example command could look like this:
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) mount /Library/Audio/Presets /Dropbox/MyStuff/Presets

You will need write permissions in the local folder.

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much.

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