Can't sync subfolder & other problems on windows


I just downloaded and tried odrive while it looked good the desktop client doesn’t seem to werk well.

For example when i right click a folder i get (only) the option “sync to odrive” and immediatly starts the browser to select the folder where to save it never came with a “syncing popup form” to ask me if i would like to sync subfolders. And when the syncing was done it indeed had only “synced” the files in that folder and not the subfolders.

Once i could accidently get the sync popup form to be shown and there i could select the checkmark for subfolder but i only got it shown once and never again not sure why it’s not showing all the time ?

When i select multiple folders in explorer and right click on one of the selected folders and choose “sync to odrive” only the folder i right clicked is selected for syncing while i had numerous other folders selected as well it seems it only acts on the folder where you right clicked.

I’ve seen documents / forum posts mentioning a “sync all” option when clicking on folders but i do not see that option.

while syncing i had turned off my pc when i reboot this morning syncing did not resume to make matters worse the whole sync just error out and kept giving me error messages i had to remove the sync ! Does the application even handle system reboots and resume syncing (uploading) of files afterwards ?

Hi @joyrider3774,
There are a few separate features (and use cases) that you are covering here, so let me clarify those first.

When you first setup odrive you are given an “odrive” folder in your home directory. Inside that “odrive” folder you will see placeholders representing all of the storage you have linked so far. Take a look at our documentation here for an in-depth walkthrough of the odrive folder:

If you right-click on a normal folder or a placeholder folder you will get the “sync all” window:

This is all part of basic odrive usage.

There is another feature that is more advanced that lets you sync other, existing folders to a location in odrive. Using this feature you create a sync relationship between your local folder and a remote location in your odrive. These are folders that are not inside the “odrive” folder. You can read more about this here:

Now that those basics are out of the way, let’s focus on one of your use cases and move from there.

Can you tell me what you initially want to do with odrive?


Hi tony,

I had one drive attached to odrive and basically i just wanted to add a folder from one of my harddrives (that was not being synced yet) using odrive to my onedrive, but including all subfolders. I couldn’t figure out how to do this using the right click context menu on a non synchronized folder there didn’t seem to exist an option to do this in one step and it got me confused

I uninstalled the odrive application though, but i still have my account. Once the back up feature is released i might try it again as i switched to other software for this (duplicati) as it includes encryption and i’m back to using regular onedrive app in windows but i changed the “my documents”, “my pictures” and “my videos” location so that it resides inside the onedrive map. This gives the effect that any document saved / modified or deleted in one of those “standard windows” folders are automatically synchronized to my onedrive without me having to do anything.

I’m not certain if this last thing would also work with odrive.

I was intially looking for an app that would let me easilly add folders (including subfolders) to my onedrive without having to copy files to another directory or change anything on the file system. Then i wanted a real back up system

Hi @joyrider3774,
Thanks for the follow-up.

When you were right-clicking on a folder in your external drive, you did not see the “sync to odrive” option? This is unexpected.

I do agree that backup is probably a better solution for that particular use case. We will be urging folks to use backup instead of sync for many of these types of use cases, once we release backup. The solution makes more sense, in these cases.

As for the standard Windows folders, moving your Windows default folders, such as Documents and Pictures should work just fine with odrive.



i did get the “sync to odrive” option and selecting it asked me where it needed to be synced to the problem was it did not sync any subfolders only files in that folder but not subfolders.

Another thing i noticed was that the “sync to odrive” option does not work with multiselect. try selecting 3 non synced folders and right click select “sync to odrive” as you will see it will only sync the folder where you right clicked on even though you had selected 2 other folders. This is a minor problem though.
I did not try it with multiselect on just files though

Hi @joyrider3774,
You are saying that the local subfolders inside the folder you selected for “sync to odrive” were not uploading? That is definitely not expected. It is possible that, if the structure is large enough, it can take some time to process through it before uploading. It’s possible it just needed more time, in which case we should improve the feedback there.

Multi-select is a known issue and currently expected behavior. Apologies for the confusion.