Can't sync "Posts I liked" folder on Instagram

When I try to sync my Instagram account, I invariably get this error message:

Can’t sync Posts I Liked.cloudf.
Unexpected error. Please try again later.

Any clue?

Thank you

Sorry for the confusion. Instagram recently changed their API access scope and our app is only allowed to request content that the user “owns”. This means “Hashtags” and “Posts I Liked” are no longer accessible. :(. I will update the language in our announcement to make it more clear. The folders within the Instagram link should also be removed to prevent further confusion.

Post necro, but it seems relevant.

As a new user of odrive from this month, I find it odd that the “Hashtags” and “Posts I Liked” folders are still appearing by default in the Instagram linked account folder. Moreover, I am unable to remove them myself as they immediately restore with an error stating that this account is read only.

Please advise how I am able to remove these unsynchable folders.


Hi @yukihyou,
As the change was rolling out on Instagram, we had left those folders in so that they didn’t instantly disappear on a software update, since users could’ve still had data in there that they wanted. I guess it was overlooked after that.

I will talk to the product team about taking them out.

That’s fine, it just causes some unexpected behavior (early sync termination) sometimes when using my default sync setup - which is to sync “Nothing, but include subfolders and new items” on the root of odrive, to ensure the folder tree is created and files (placeholders) can be searched for in Explorer. When odrive tries to do the initial sync, it gets stuck on folders it can’t reconcile.

Thanks @yukihyou. I can see where that could cause some problems. I will see if we can get it removed.

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