Can't sync folder

I am having an issue syncing multiple folders on my two Windows machines and on a Mac machine.

The error I get is “Can’t sync (folder name)”, where folder name is the name of the folder trying to be synced. Then on the next line it says “Google error.”


It appears that this might be related to the following error when trying to download files within Google Drive via the web browser.

“download quota exceeded for this file, so you can’t download it at this time”

Thanks for the update @ewettach.

That would seem to be the issue here. Is this a file that is shared with you?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I would like to take a look at the underlying error so we can at least try to catch it better.

I just sent over the diagnostic report. I did notice that about a thirty minutes ago 3:30 (CST) or so that apparently the 24 hours was up and things started to sync again. Just letting you know since you may need to look back a little further.

Thanks for sending over the diagnostic @ewettach! If you happen to see this again, can you send another one over, if you remember? Unfortunately the diagnostics only cover a small window of time, so we weren’t able to catch it.