Can't Sync {Folder} Unexpected Error

For some reason ODrive can’t remember my folder path, it can’t sync and when I repair it it still doing the same thing. Drive letters or order have not been change. Thoughts?

Hi @ZakRhyno,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Can you describe the setup, too? Did this used to work and then suddenly stop?
Is the D: drive a local disk or external?

I just sent it @7:38PM EST. Main drive is C and my D is another interal drive, not exteral. It was working now it totally won’t work anymore. I had another issue going on with I was being help by email and got so mad at it and rewrite my system to see if it was my account are not.

Hi @ZakRhyno,
The diagnostic shows that things are syncing and being uploaded up to the point where you sent the report, including 10 files that were in the process of uploading. There are several files that failed due to what look like network exceptions, but things seem to be going up, in general.

I don’t see any signs of the errors in the images you posted, aside from the intermittent network errors. My advice for right now would be to let odrive continue uploading, which it was in the process of doing at the time to sent the report. Once it is done, we can see if there are still outstanding issues.