Can't sync <Folder> Unexpected Error. Please try again later

Per title, I’m having trouble with one particular dropbox subfolder. I don’t think there’s anything particularly interesting about that folder. I see others have had similar issues. Can someone look into it if I send a diagnostic report? Thank you!!!

Hi @jess,
I can take a look if you send over a report.

You are getting this error when trying to double-click a .cloudf placeholder?

Are you able to browse into it from the odrive web client?

Hey Tony, thanks. I just sent the report. Yes, I can browse into it from the web-client. No, i’m not getting the errror trying to double-click a .cloudf placeholder - It was a previously synced folder, then all of a sudden it: a) lost its special blue synced icon, and became out of date. Then, in trying to get it to refresh, or sync, I came across these errors. Last night, I had the idea to un-sync, then re-sync, and it said can’t do that, its got pending sync files (or something) and to do this it must delete the files (or something). I chose this option, thinking that i’d end up with a placeholder again… but it seems the result is that indeed, the folder has been removed - but no placeholder file so that I can even get it back!?

I seem to have got the folder back. Restarted odrive. Unsynced the parent folder (with the now missing subfolder), Re-Synced the parent folder, and its back again, and syncing. Not sure what happened there.

Thanks for the update @jess.

I took a look at the diagnostic and I saw a couple of exceptions from Dropbox regarding a folder name conflict. Was this on a folder called ‘Cannery Row/Financial’?

I have seen this happen a few times in the past. The method you took is a good way to resolve what is basically an inconsistency.

Glad you got it sorted out!