Can't sync file. Amazon Cloud Drive error

Today I was trying to sync my movies from ACD to my macbook.
And these files were uploaded few days ago on my windows PC.
But it keeps pop-up this dialog and stop syncing files.
Is it because of the file size(3GB to 13GB)?
Or these are broken files?
How do I know if the file was uploaded successfully or not?


Is there maybe any other detail in the Pop-Up Message? Can you maybe take a screenshot of the Pop-Up?

No, there is no other detail.
And here are the screenshots:

And right now, if you try to sync something from the ACD to your Windows machine, does it work? Or do you receive the same error message?

Everything’s okay but these big files.

Can you test if you are able to download these files from the odrive web client (
What about the Amazon Cloud Drive web client?

Can you also click on “send diagnostics” in the odrive tray menu?


I’ll try it and let you know if it works.
But I’m taking a vacation, can’t do the downloading in a few days.
I can send the diagnostics first.

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It says “Unsolicited reports will not be reviewed” when I try to send report(and I sent it anyway).
Should I provide something like ID or ACD account name?

Thanks. Can you provide the local user name on that machine?

kimi should be my local user name.

Hi Kimi,
Are you still seeing this behavior? If so, can you send another diagnostic? The previous one looked to be mostly idle, so didn’t reveal any current issues.



Maybe you could try to sync the files, and when the error message comes up, then directly send a diagnostics report. This way there should appear something.

Best regards,

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Okay, I just followed @Zaiser_Richard’s advice and sent another one.


Hi @Kimi
Amazon Cloud Drive is giving us back an unexpected error when trying to download the file.

Can you check what the experience is when downloading from Amazon’s own web client or the odrive web client (

Amazon’s web client didn’t start downloading as well.
But I’ve got a xml response from odrive’s.
It looks like an encoding problem.

Error -
Code = InvalidArgument
Message = Header value cannot be represented using ISO-8859-1.
ArgumentName = response-content-disposition
ArgumentValue = attachment; filename="戰爭與和平.mkv"
RequestId = …
HostId = …

Do you need the IDs?

Thanks Kimi,
I am looking into this, but can you tell me what client you used to upload this file to Amazon Cloud Drive?

These files were synced by odrive on Windows.

If you rename that file to something very simple, like “test.mkv”, will it download?

Yes! No alert anymore.
Good to know those files are not broken.

Thanks. We will take a look to see if there is something we can do on our end in this case. It seems to be something on ACD’s side, though.

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