Can't sync Dropbox. Unexpected error

What would you suggest?

Hi @nemytchenko,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Are you able to browse the Dropbox files from the odrive web client?

I’m having the same issue.
Tony - can I send you a diagnostic as well?
I AM able to browse to a Dropbox folder via the odrive web client. However this error shows up when I try to sync on desktop.

And there’s a new folder in Dropbox which is not showing up in the odrive desktop (however it DOES show up in odrive web client)

Hi @tedcha,
Sure. Just let me know when you send it and I can take a look.

OK I sent the diagnostic (via odriveMenuBar -> Send diagnostics). Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Hi @tedcha,
I don’t see a reference to a folder error in the recent diagnostic activity. It may have rolled off.

Can you tell me the name and path of the folder?
What action are you taking and on what folder when you see the error message?

Usually a folder/file will not show up within the desktop client if it contains an ignored or illegal pattern. See and Why are some of my files/folders missing from odrive? (Google Drive and others)

Can you also trigger the error once more and then send a diagnostic immediately after?

The folder does not have any special characters - it’s called “NYC Apartment”
OK I just synced the desktop client, and the folder still doesn’t appear. Fresh diagnostic sent.
Thank you.

Hi @tedcha,
It looks like that folder is actually being held in the odrive trash. Can you look for it in the “Trash bin” section of the odrive menu, click on it, and click “Recover”?

Got it - yes, found it in Trash and now Restored. thanks!

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Great! Thanks for the update.