Can't Sync Dropbox or any other cloudservice

Hi There if I want to sync my folder I get this message. Can you please help.
Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.

Thanx in advance

Hi @rutgerhesseling,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are facing right now, we may need to do some experimentation to understand where things are not working.

  1. Do you have reliable Internet connection? Do everything else works if you directly access from web-browser?
  2. Do you know if you have a proxy in place?
  3. Restart / re-launch odrive app and see if it fixes the problem
  4. Previously, were you able to sync your changes / expand folder?
  5. Send Diagnostic report using odrive tray menu in case problem persists but make sure to reply back here when the report was sent.


Hi Nisarr,

  1. yes… as reliable as the normal provider and have internet.
  2. Have no proxy enabled
  3. Did no luck
  4. Yes but hasnt worked for a while now and have now the time to address the issue
  5. Will when sending this reply. in …

I have been trying to locate diagnostic report in our system which corresponds to your user account (username: rutgerhesseling) but unfortunately it couldn’t make its way to us which indicates there may be an issue in establishing the connection.

Can you try restarting odrive and attempting to sync a cloud file or folder again in Dropbox link? If it still fails, can you also try adding a new file into a folder inside on of your linked services? I want to see if uploads are failing as well. After that, send another diagnostic and post a snapshot please.

By any chance, if you have access to different Internet connection (e.g. home vs. office) does it work on other connection?

Finally, you can follow these steps and post terminal output

  1. Open Terminal app in OS X
  2. Type “ping” and hit enter from keyboard.
  3. Copy first 10 lines and paste the output in this topic thread.

4.Open Terminal app in OS X
5. Type “ping” and hit enter from keyboard.
6. Copy first 10 lines and paste the output in this topic thread.

Thank you for your patience


The error message indicates odrive is unable to connect to Dropbox or any of your other services. This is typically due to network/firewall restrictions. If you are using local firewall software, add odrive as an exception. If you are on a corporate network, please check with your IT administrator.