Can't see the linked drive folder on desktop


I have linked two of my google drive account to my odrive but only one folder showing on my laptop. The other linked google drive folder is not showing in my desktop. How to solve this issue?

Hi @Tika23tika,
Can you make sure that the user information shown on the page matches the information shown in the odrive desktop menu under “Authorize User”?

It could be that you are logged in as another user on the desktop client.

Hi Tony,

Yes its under different email actually, when I want to deauthorize, it gave me notice like this one,

“Are you sure you want to deauthorize this computer? You authorized this computer for Google/ If you want to sign in with a different ID, you must deauthorize this computer first. Deauthorization will reset odrive settings and rename the current odrive folder.”

How to deauthorize and assign new authorize account without causing any problem?

Hi @Tika23tika,
When you deauthorize, the current odrive folder is renamed to a backup name and a fresh odrive folder is created in its place. This will not affect anything on the remote storage side.

Alternatively, you could login to the odrive webclient with the account that you are logged-in with on the desktop client and add the additional Google Drive storage to that account. This way both will show up on the desktop client without having to deauthorize.

Got it :+1: thanks Tony. Problem solved.

Great! Thanks for the follow-up @Tika23tika