Can't open Amazon Cloud Drive "manage your proxy settings"

Hi All,

I have an odrive folder on an external dive that every time I try to open the folder it gives me this message. “Can’t open Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf. Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.”

How do I fix this?



Do you have any other links and are they working properly?
Do you have any proxies or other network intermediaries in place?
Did this work previously for you?


None of the links are working properly. Can’t get into the folder. I just setup these sync folders on my external, and they seemed to be synced there, but when I clicked on the folder I got that message. I really don’t know what you mean about having “other proxies and other network intermediaries in place” How would I be able to find this out?

Thanks for your help!

Can you submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and let me know when that has been done?


Ok. I just sent it! Let me know if your received it ok. Thanks!

From the diagnostic it looks like there is a ton of activity and many files currently transferring. You should be able to see this if you look at the odrive tray menu. It is possible that things are busy enough to cause some rate limiting effects (Amazon rejects calls because of too many requests within a certain period of time), which could manifest in what you are seeing.

Are you able to navigate through the structure from the odrive web client ( )?

If so, I would recommend waiting until things settle down a bit. It looks like you have a very large bulk upload happening right now.

Is there a way to see how long it will take to complete upload?

Not at this time. odrive takes a progressive approach to syncing in this way to prevent excessive overhead, so it does not know the total to be synced. It will just try to sync the data it encounters as efficiently as possible and then move on to the next set of data.

Do you know how many files/folders and GB of data is on the drive you are syncing?