Can't get rid of 'Urgent Notice'

Hi. I’ve been using Odrive for a few years now.

Recently, on my Windows PC, I keep getting a popup that draws over all other application that says

'Urgent Ntocie:

There are items that have been unable to sync for a prolonged period of time. Please check the ‘waiting’ list in the odrive tray menu for more information.’

Initially, there was a weird file there that wouldn’t sync, and which took some work to delete, but the file is now gone, and there’s nothing in the waiting tab. I’ve emptied the trash. No idea what to do to get this popup to go away.

Hi @creaturesfarley ,
We released a new version on Friday that addresses the “overly aggressive” urgent notification:

Can you install that and let us know if you encounter any more issues?

Okay, cool! Downloaded and installed. Fingers crossed!

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Hiya - all was fine for a moment with the update, but I’ve now got the same thing hapenning - the ‘waiting’ file no longer exists as I deleted it and the folder it was in.

Hi @creaturesfarley ,
You are seeing the urgent notification pop-up after there is nothing in the “waiting” list?

Is this still happening?

If this is still happening can you send a diagnostic and also send me the sync activity log? You can message me that directly.


There’s always something in the waiting list, but the file that it thinks is waiting no longer exists on my device or the cloud - I deleted it before it could sync.

Hey @creaturesfarley ,
It looks like you often have files that are changing while odrive is trying to upload, maybe this is due to you actively working on them? This will put them into waiting, which means you are more likely to have these types of notifications.

If this is common, and you will often have items sitting in waiting for a little while, you can disable the urgent notification by doing the following:

  1. Delete the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder. The file will be automatically regenerated after a few seconds.
  2. Open the new file and change:
    "suppressUrgentNotifications": false
    "suppressUrgentNotifications": true
  3. Save the file

I will also take a look at the waiting list management logic and see if there is a bug in there that can leave items in the list after they have been locally deleted.