Can't create encryption folder on FTP

How can I add an encryption folder on a WD My cloud- using FTP?

Error message I get is
“Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.”

As far as I understand, WD must create a folder so you can work within it (Add files and folders within the main folder WD My cloud creates).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @finallyalive1,
The web client has a limitation for FTP browsing (protocol limitations on the platform) on most FTP servers. This, unfortunately, means that you can’t create an Encryptor folder in an FTP link because you can’t browse to it.

I know some folks have used WebDAV with WD My Cloud, which would be able to create Encryptor containers. Have you tried a WebDAV connection yet?

Here is some documentation I found on the WD site:

Thanks for that. I setup WebDav, but when I try to link it on Odrive, it says
“Could not connect to WebDAV server to validate your credentials. You may still be able to connect. Do you want to continue?”

I don’t know what else I’m missing.

Hi @finallyalive1,
Do you have a test account I could test with to try it out? I can dig into it and see why it may have issues connecting. I’ll send you a private message.