Cant connect to file server/admin login using public ip

So I’m trying to set up a file server on azure, I can login to admin on the server using the local ip but can’t with the public one. I allowed incoming connections on ports 4433, 4434 and 8888. Any ideas?

To be clear this is using the odrive file server software?

If so, when you say you allowed those incoming connections, did you allow it on the Azure endpoint setup, on the Windows firewall, or both? It will need both to work properly with the external IP. (This is assuming a “classic” deployment).

I am not very familiar with the new Resource Manager method of provisioning and management (vs “classic”), so I can’t really speak to that in much detail, but here is a doc that goes into that:

Yes, I’m using the odrive software and resource manager vm, I didn’t see anything about endpoints, so I suppose that is a good place to start thanks for the link.

Ok now I added the inbound rules to the network security resource group and still unable to access admin page or link with public ip. Also I was going to try to redeploy and do it again, but the only link I’ve been able to find for the server side gateway was from here: is that where I should be getting it, also saw the gateway manager in a blog post but that takes me to account page.

A deploy using classic sounds like it may be more straight forward.

That is the right link, but odrive file server development has been halted and it is unclear if it will pick back up again. We’ve diverted resources to focus on our other integrations, including common ones that can be used as a substitute for the odrive file server, like WebDAV/SFTP/FTP.

Can you tell me a bit about your use case?

Yea I agree, I used network resource management just cause it was the default mode but I redeployed in classic mode and it works in a few minutes as advertised! I’m using it to setup a private file server for members of a small startup so files can be synced easier.