Can't clear "not allowed" entries

I have ~38 files listed in “not allowed”. I can tell that this is most likely because of invalid filenames, but it seems that each time I click on one in order to clear it from the list, I am unable to do so because it is “on the remote storage”.

A few requests:
-Is there a way to clear all of these at once?
-Is there a better way to see what the actual error is rather than clicking on each filename?
-What happened to the request for showing the file(s) in the finder? Open files that are not allowed to sync in a Finder

Hi @perrykrug,

The only way to clear the not allowed errors is to adjust the file, so there isn’t a way to clear them en masse.

Unfortunately there isn’t, although they are probably all illegal character issues.

I think this feature was put on the back burner a long time ago and hasn’t been revisited. I will ping the product team to remind them of this. In this case, however, it wouldn’t help because the the offending files are on the remote side and the reason they are in not allowed is because they can’t be written to the filesystem.