Can't add OneDrive for Business account

I can’t seem to add my OneDrive for Business account. After I sign in, I get an error saying: “Authorization was not successful. Please give odrive permission to access your account.” How do I fix this?

Hi @simp1y,

It seems like “odrive app is not granted with sufficient permissions”, do you see the following screen when you try to link OneDrive for Business with odrive? if so then please press “Accept” button.

Also would you please visit the page and confirm if “odrive” is listed under heading “You can revoke permission for these apps”?

Well, if you have already tried these things, then I would recommend you the following:

  1. Open in different browser never used before to login OneDrive for Business (or clear browser cache)
  1. Login to OneDrive for Business account in new browser tab.
  2. Attempt to link “OneDrive for Business” storage from odrive web interface and see if works for you?


This can also happen if no official administrator has claimed ownership of the OneDrive for Business site:
“Your company is currently in an unmanaged state and needs an Administrator to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation before consent can be enabled”

Can you ask your administrator(s) if they have done this?

I don’t get the first screen when I try to authorize. I go straight to the “Authorization was not successful” error.

Chances are high that its what I stated above: the account is in an unmanaged state or the admin has explicitly disabled 3rd party integrations. Can you contact your administrator about this?