Cannot sync my Encrypted folder

(sorry for my little english)

Recently I reinstalled Windows 10.
After this I reinstalled odrive, and moved in the previous folder.
When I right click on encrypted folder, and from context menu, I’m choosing to sync option I’m receiving this error.

Hi @videoandesign,
What do you see listed inside the Encryptor folder? Try double-clicking on a .cloudf file inside odrive\Encrryptor and see if that works for you.

Please also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu.

I dont have any .cloudf file inside Encryptor.
I have one folder callled vden thats look like synchronized
but all subfolders from vden folder doesn’t have any syncing or synchronized icons on it.
Look at here please

Hi @videoandesign,
The diagnostic shows lots of Amazon errors, which may have been due to the Amazon issues earlier today.

I noticed you have a Encryptor/Video Editing.cloudf in the odrive trash. Can you try restoring that file?

Are you seeing files syncing now? If not, after doing the above, can you restart odrive and see if things start moving?

I deleted Video Editing.cloudf, because I don’t need that.
Error „Cant sync Encryptor” disappeared after I deleted Video Editing.cloudf.
I exited from Odrive, and started again. But I cannot see the process of syncing on subfolders sau I restared my windows computer.
And again the same issue - If I click to sync all files from Encryptor folder, I don’t see any update of syncing on all subfolders…
they are still the same -

Hi @videoandesign,
Can you send another diagnostic please?

Also, check the odrive tray menu for status. It will show what is currently syncing, waiting, and not allowed.

Yes, I sent you right now.
Now files are in sync from another folder, unecrypted. And all files from that folder are ok.
Look at here

Hi @videoandesign,
I went back and re-read your first post and I think I know what is happening here. You reinstalled Windows, so your encryption information was wiped out. When you copied the new stuff in, you weren’t prompted for the password because the files and folders were already expanded.

The Encryptor folder is a special case because of the encrypted content. The reason things aren’t syncing is because odrive doesn’t understand what to do with the data.

The way forward is to copy the data out of the Encryptor folder to another location and then unsync the encryptor folder. Once it is unsynced, you will then expand the folder and be prompted for the passphrase. This should allow the folder to be initialized properly.

There is a caveat to this, however. Since the encryption scheme is zero knowledge, and has a different key for each file, when you copy or move a file into Encryptor it will always upload, even if it is the “same” file. The reason for this is that it actually isn’t the same. The name and data will be encrypted with a different key, so even though the unencrypted data is the same, the encrypted data is not.

What this means is that, once you have initialized the Encryptor folder properly, if you try to copy the original data you moved out, back into the Encryptor folder, it is all going to re-upload.

So here are the initial steps:

  1. Move the D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden folder to another location, outside of the odrive folder (like D:\vden)
  2. Unsync the D:\Odrive\Encryptor folder
  3. Double-click on the D:\Odrive\Encryptor folder
  4. Double-click on the D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden folder
  5. Enter the passphrase to initialize the folder

This should get the vden folder into a working state. Now
6) Verify you can download a file from within the D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden folder
7) Add a few small files to the D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden folder and make sure they upload properly

If all goes well you should have a working Encryptor\vden folder now. Now this is the tricky part. At this point you choose one of three options:

  • Copy in the contents of the backup vden folder (D:\vden\ if you moved it there) into D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden. This should start to sync up all of the content. Unfortunately it will also re-upload any files that already exist because of the encryption key changes.

  • Sync D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden\ all down locally. Once that is done, you can copy the contents of D:\vden\ into D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden\ and choose not to overwrite files that already exist. This would then only copy the new files and prevent re-uploading any files that do not need to be uploaded. The caveat to this is that it won’t sync up files that have been edited, rather than created new, and it requires downloading everything again

  • Manually copy in only the new/changed items from D:\vden\ to D:\Odrive\Encryptor\vden\

This is a lot of information, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Tony, it is a lot of work, because, meanwhile I uploaded a lot of new files and some of them was modified.
I signed an agreement with one person that helping me to upload those 20TB of footage, because my internet is not so fast. So now I should to tell him to upload this again? He gave me 1 month for uploading all footage, so big frustration for me.
I think for the moment, I will just use the standard, version hoping that in the future most of those issues will be fixed.
I like odrive, but it is not meeting yet my expectations.
But I know that in the future you will have solutions for those kind of issue.
I like that you are fast in responding and helping every customer.

So I will be with you using standard version till I will see that all things are smooth.

Let’s say that, I’m installing windows one time per year. Every time I should reupload, or redownload it again?

Hi @videoandesign,
My apologies for the inconvenience and frustration

I think we could plan ahead for the next time to prevent re-uploading. It really depends on if you need all of the data locally.

For example, you could use unsync to “prune” the dataset whenever your uploads have completed. This would ensure that only new files, that have yet to be synced, would be the only files local. Of course, this assumes that most of the items in the Encryptor folder do not need to stay local.