Cannot sync mp4 larger than 2 GB to Hetnzer Storage box via Webdav HTTPS

I got this error on my MacBook Pro arm64 when upload mp4 video larger than 2 GB
Odrive client version 7229

23 Jun 01:28:44AM ERROR Failed Upload File for Item: /Users/loll/odrive/de1-storage-WebDAV/2022-06-22-16-29-25.mp4 - Size: 13747077485 Bytes - Date: 2022-06-22 16:29:25 - Error: code WEBDAV_NETWORK_DOWN caused by WebDAVNetworkException(code WEBDAV_NETWORK_DOWN - [Errno 32] Broken pipe caused by ConnectionError([Errno 32] Broken pipe))

Hi @okz5289,
This looks like the connection was severed by the server. It could be a general network issue, or it could be that there is an upper limit to the file size that can be uploaded via their WebDAV interface.

Does this file continue to experience the same issue on upload, when odrive retries it?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so that we can take a closer look?

Hi @okz5289,
I took a look at the diagnostic. Thanks for sending that.

It seems like the server is cutting off the connection. Since it was working a few weeks ago, and the odrive software hasn’t changed, my theory is that there is something going on with the storage.

  • Have you double-checked the amount of storage you have available?

I also noticed you aren’t running the latest version of our odrive client. I don’t expect different behavior from the new version, but it would be good to get on the latest.

  1. Grab that latest version from here: Set Up Your odrive
  2. Exit the current version
  3. Install the new version to upgrade


I update to the latest version, still not working


Hi @okz5289,

  1. How much free storage do you have available in your Hetzner Storage Box?
  2. Have you tried linking to odrive via SFTP to see if the same error occurs? (Link SFTP | Get sync access to anything that supports SFTP and SSH)
  3. Have you contacted Hetzner about this yet?


  1. I’ve 1TB left.
  2. With FTP, SFTP all working fine, but the upload speed is slower than WebDav.
  3. Nope

Hi @okz5289,
It seems like Hetzner has developed an issue with their WebDAV access, at least with large file uploads. I suggest contacting them to see if they can investigate it from their end.