Cannot sync a folder with imovie library's

Hi, i have problems to sync a folder where I have all my backups from imovie library.

As you can see in the image when i tried to sync I get an error.
Can you help me?please, i already tried to reboot the app and mac…

Thank you


I create a new folder named “iMovie Library 2” it was sync with no problem. But when i copy or move the files into this new folder I get the same error.
So, it something with the extension *.imovielibrary and *.theater

Hi @garreton.fco,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu, and let me know when it has been done so I can take a closer look?

Hi @Tony i have sent the diag.

Thank you

Hi @garreton.fco,
I think what may be happening is that there are some broken symlinks that are causing an abort on the folder listing. The one I see is:
iMovie Library/rockea la presenteichon.imovielibrary/menifenkius/Original Media/bensound-anewbeginning.mp3

There is a fix going in that should hopefully be able to help with this, once it is released. For now can you take a look at that file? It may be a symlink that is pointing to an invalid file. After addressing that, if you still see an issue please send another diagnostic.

Thank you Tony! now with the new updates works

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Thanks for confirming the fix @garreton.fco!

Is it possible to solve this problem with iCloud? I had a similar situation, and I solved it by reinstalling the application. In general, there are many problems with iMovie lately. It’s time for the developers to fix all the bugs and flaws. Just a week ago, I could not add my voice to the video track. The added window wouldn’t open. I had to search on the internet because my friends couldn’t help me either… I ended up stumbling across this site How to add music, voiceover, sound effects to iMovie on iPhone that details all the problems with iMovie, especially the audio, and how to fix them. Thanks to the guys who created this article. Thanks to them, I figured out this crooked app. Hopefully, soon, the developers will fix everything so that people can work comfortably.

Hi @AlexanderSlaterdcDc ,
Can you clarify what type of issue you are encountering? The issue above was addressed a while ago.