Cannot log in to odrive on new Macbook Air M2 Ventura

I cannot log in to my account. When I click on the “Get Started” icon in the Welcome to odrive! Welcome screen it just closes the window. My entire work is running on odrive so it’s a major issue.
After a minute or two I get the dreaded “Unable to connect. Please check your network connection” error.
I am on version 7353.
I CAN connect from my older Macbook Air M1 on Monterrey on the same network.
Support is closed, of course…

Hi @georgewhittam,

I believe that Ben from our support team has been working with you through the support ticketing system. Thanks for submitting a ticket and for providing useful details such as the macOS version that you are on.

Hopefully we will be able to work out the issue and can post back here if there is a useful solution for anyone else who may be running into the same problem. If anyone else on a new Mac with M2 chip is hitting this sort of problem, let us know. The first M2 chips came out a year ago (June 2022), so we don’t believe there should be any specific issues running on M2, but there could be something else going on.


Forgot to update this one, but there was an issue with the osascript environment on the system.

Some alternative fallbacks will be added to the next version of software to try to account for this happening in the future.