Cannot get Odrive menu from second monitor

Windows 10: I keep my taskbar docked on my second monitor. If I click on the Odrive icon in the system tray, I do not get the list of menu options. Nothing appears. However, if I move the taskbar over to my primary monitor, it works fine. This, however, is an impractical solution.

Hi @mikeforan3,
I am trying to reproduce this, but I am seeing the expected behavior. Here is what I have setup:

  • I have two monitors connected to my Windows 10 machine. The right-side display is considered #1 and the left-side disaply is considered #2
  • I have disabled showing the taskbar on all displays
  • I dragged the taskbar from display #1 to display #2 (at the bottom of the screen)
  • I am able to click on the odrive icon in the taskbar and see the menu options.
    Here is a screenshot:

Can you tell me how you have things set up?

Thanks for following up. My “Main” monitor is 4K and on the left and my secondary monitor is on the right. The secondary monitor hosts my taskbar, which is set up in a vertical orientation. I will attempt to attach a screenshot with the taskbar and tool tray open, with the odrive icon engaged and no popup.

Hi @mikeforan3,
I tried a vertical orientation, but I’m still not seeing the issue. However, I noticed that your right-side display is segmented in some way, so that the taskbar is only showing on the top half. Is this correct? How is this accomplished?

I have enabled the Windows “Quick Launch” taskbar, which is a taskbar behavior Microsoft has deprecated but not removed. I still prefer it because, as you can see, I have a lot of apps I like to have quick access to. The tiny double down brackets are the divider (clicking on them opens more icons that don’t fit in the top section). When the the taskbar is unlocked, there are is a slideable divider here that can resize the top Quick Launch bar from the bottom, which is the standard Windows taskbar showing currently running applications. When I move the taskbar to my primary monitor, the odrive tool tray icon behaves as expected. I’ve attached another screenshot.

Hi @mikeforan3,
Thanks for the follow-up!

My main confusion is the right-side screen. In the screenshot the right side is seemingly “split” into two halves, where the top has a wallpaper and taskbar and the bottom has nothing.

Is this just a byproduct of the screenshot and the bottom half is actually not part of any screen, at all, or is the right-side screen configured in such a way that it is “split” somehow?

You mentioned that the right-side screen is in a vertical orientation, so I figured it would be taller than it is wide (assuming a widescreen monitor), so what I am seeing in the screenshot is confusing me.

Since you mentioned the Quick Launch, does disabling Quick Launch affect the behavior on the right?

This is a byproduct of the left screen being 4K and the right one being standard HD. This is how Windows stacks multiple desktops at different resolutions. The bottom black area is nothing. There is no desktop there. Windows employs scaling on objects that cross the screen divide, so things on the 4K monitor don’t seem super tiny, or things on the HD monitor extra large. This may be related to the issue at hand. However, none of my other tool tray icons have issues with popout menus. Likewise for the Quicklaunch. I’m not going to disable Quicklaunch, sorry. All those icons take forever to get set up correctly. And, as you can see, it works fine on the main 4K monitor with the Quicklaunch bar enabled. If you are interested in setting it up on your side for bug testing, here’s a link on how to enable it: I suspect it has nothing to do with Quicklaunch, but might have something to do with the different resolution monitors.

Also, I didn’t read your comment thoroughly. Both of my monitors are standard horizontal aspect. I have my Taskbar set vertically.