Can I Use Odrive To Have PCloud or Google Drive Act As The Web Directory For My Site Instead of the Server's

Okay I am in a real tight bind and been looking for an answer for months to this, scouring voraciously!

That being said I have 256 gb of vids and images that I backed up from my site while moving hosting companies that is in my cloud storage from a while back. That being said I desperately want to relink the image/vid urls in my wordpress site to the files I backed up in google drive.

I see ya’ll got a syncing option. Will this allow me to just relink to those broken image/vid urls in my wordpress back to the congruent vids/images I backed up in my google drive while moving sites?

Do you all have any such functionality that can do this? Thank you!

Hi @ravenwilliams9999,
It sounds like you would like to serve these files directly out of the remote storage to the users of your wordpress site, bypassing the local storage requirement. Basically serve static content for your website directly from the remote storage. Is that correct?

The odrive client can sync data from a variety of sources, but part of the sync process is to replicate the remote file to the local system so it is accessible on that system.

I know with Google Drive you can embed images and videos, directly, or a folder listing of items.

Instructions for embedding files:

Instructions for embedding folders:

Thank you SOOOO MUCH for responding! Problen is I got 717 something posts with 40000 + broken image/video attachment links so manually doing this would be a NIGHTMARE so is there a quicker way?

Hi @ravenwilliams9999,
Is it a possibility to store those files on the local server that is serving the content? If so you could use odrive to download them from the remote storage and then serve them from there. Otherwise I don’t think there is an easy way to get all of that content linked back up with Wordpress.

I wish but I have 256 gb worth of data. No server can fool with that!

Hi @ravenwilliams9999,
Sorry I couldn’t be more help. How were you hosting these files originally?