Can I set an ODrive app password?

Hi Support,

Can I set an ODrive app password?

Thanks everyone.

Hi @tungnt115,
Can you clarify what it is you are looking for? How do you imagine this feature would be used?

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I will install ODrive on employees’ computers and perform backup of folders to the cloud. I don’t want them to change the configuration settings of ODrive.

Is this appropriate or does ODrive have other features that are more suitable.

Thank you.

Hi @tungnt115,
Sorry for not responding sooner.

There isn’t anything we have in place that can provide this type of a protection against the running user. In general we don’t see that users will mess with advanced options unless prompted to do so, so there may not be a whole lot of risk in that happening, but all users are different :wink:

Since it sounds like you are doing this in an IT-centric capacity, you may be able to make use of the odrive CLI to at least periodically check the settings to flag you if there is an unwanted change.

For example:

  • odrive.exe status --backup to list the current backups that are configured
  • odrive.exe backup to configure a backup
  • odrive.exe removebackup to remove a backup configuration
  • odrive.exe backupnow to kick immediately kick-off backup operations on the configured jobs