Can I run Odrive and Google Drive File Steam at the same time?

So I love file streams ability to see all thumbnails and even play video/pictures/songs that are in the cloud without downloading them first. I love Odrive because of the ability to sync from a hardrive. Can I run both of them at the same time and just use Odrive for uploading and File stream for looking at the info? Also what is the appropriate way to handle FCPX files from final cut pro x on odrive?


Hi @jonathan1,
You should be able to run both as long as the two apps are not pointing at the same local data. You don’t want the two sync engines competing with each other.

For Final Cut Pro, we ignore .fcpcache to try to facilitate a better sync experience. Final Cut Pro structures can be very hard on sync engines because of their sprawling nature.

Thanks for your reply! I noticed when I uploaded a small fcpx project (150mb), when it finally uploaded it was 227gb. It looks like it replaced the symlinks inside pointing to where the media lives and just copied the media inside the library. Anyway to avoid this?

Hi @jonathan1,
Unfortunately there isn’t. odrive follows symlinks because the concept of a symlink doesn’t exist in most cloud storage. This means there isn’t a way to create a symlink on the remote side to match the local side, so the best odrive can do is follow it and treat it as a “real” folder.