Can I open Google docs in browser, please? :) Linux Agent

Sorry if I’m asking dumb question.

Is there any possibility, in case if I have Google Spreadsheet in my sync folder - open it in the browser?

For now I see only .gsheetx file, when I click it - only empty file is opened in editor :frowning:

I’m using linux client under Lubuntu

Hi @vitaliy.shcherbina,
Thanks for reaching out. It is a good question.

There isn’t a way to do this, currently, but I have converted this post into a feature request and informed the product team.

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Forgive me if I’m getting my wires crossed, am I right in thinking that you want to edit a Google Spreadsheet file when you are offline? You can only create a Google Spreadsheet via your browser, so you are able to access it from your browser online. I believe that browsers handle local files and remote files differently, so you should not expect to be able to use your browser to process the Spreadsheet as a local file.

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Hi, thank you for your question. No, actually I want to edit my google sheet when I online.
On my Windows computer I use “Backup and sync from Google” app which can:

  1. Create shortcut for Google docs and Google sheets documents. That’s let me navigate quickly from my filesystem to certain google document I need. I clicked shortcut from my local workfolder - it’s opened for edit in browser
  2. It’s very usefull for me that when I copy shortcut “file” in my filesystem “Backup and sync from Google” app create new Google docs and Google sheets documents with given name
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You already have the answer to the question, right?

Yes, I have answers :slight_smile: But it would be even better if those answers turn to program improvements :slight_smile:

Google drive… you can open google dics.

Sorry, I didn’t understand you :frowning:

Hi all,
I think I understand the request here.

In our desktop Mac and Windows clients, Google Doc file can be “synced” so that when you click to open them through Finder or Explorer, they are opened up in a web browser. The agents (what Linux folks are using) don’t have this capability because the UI interaction flow is not available like it is on Win/Mac.

I think this could be done in the agents by adding some information into the synced file that could be interpreted by the browser. Basically, make the synced google doc stub files act like a URL shortcut.

I don’t know when/if this can be done, but I already passed the information on to the product team for consideration.

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