Can I have duplicate folders synced on the same PC?

First, here is my setup and dilemma. I am currently using odrive to sync my Amazon Cloud Drive with several terabytes of photos. I am using odrive to sync two offsite computers with external drives so I have copies in multiple locations. However locally on my desk I have both a local storage HDD for my photos as well as a MyCloud PR2100 mapped as a network drive. Is there anyway to have odrive sync the home folder to both the NAS box as a networked drive as well as the local HDD? Alternatively is there an ACD or odrive program that will run right off the NAS box and sync for me?

Also is it possible to separate the home folder so that one copy can sync between multiple drives? I previously did this with OneDrive as my original photo drive was almost full. I created a link folder in the home directory and had the other data on another drive, so that my OneDrive was syncing my older files to the mostly full drive, while my newer files were dropping on another drive. I know this is all quite complex, but just want to see what I can automate with odrive. Thanks!

Hi @nighthawkcmp,
You can’t currently sync a local folder to two remote storage destinations.

We have a Linux odrive agent, including a build for ARM, that could possibly work on your NAS, but it depends on what the NAS is running. Take a look here for agent information:

For the separate folders, it sounds like “sync to odrive” could work for that. Take a look here for more information: