Can I consolidate dropbox accounts?

Let’s say I have 5 Dropbox accounts

  • Dropbox 1
  • Dropbox 2
  • Dropbox 3
  • Dropbox 4
  • Dropbox 5

Would I be able to consolidate all of them into

  • Dropbox

Also I can’t seem to find the page where it tells you how many Dropbox accounts you can link. Does anyone have an answer to this?

Hi there,

You can link all 5 Dropbox accounts so that you have 5 folders in your odrive folder (nearly as good as consolidating to one account).

C:\Users\MyUser\odrive\Dropbox 1
C:\Users\MyUser\odrive\Dropbox 2
C:\Users\MyUser\odrive\Dropbox 3
C:\Users\MyUser\odrive\Dropbox 4
C:\Users\MyUser\odrive\Dropbox 5

After you have them all linked, you can use odrive to more easily transfer files from one dropbox to another if you want to consolidate them provided that you have enough space on the account you are merging everything into. We keep your accounts distinct. We are NOT providing a layer which gives you one folder and behind the scenes it is actually splitting your files up between each of the 5 accounts.

You can link as many dropbox accounts as you’d like. After you link one of them, be sure to log out of dropbox from your web browser before linking the next one. If you are already logged into dropbox when you try to link dropbox, the dropbox OAuth flow will automatically try to link that account (which will trigger a “You already have that account linked” warning).

Likewise, you can link multiple Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. accounts.

Does that answer all of your questions?


Thank you, yes that does answer my question. It’s a shame because it seems technically feasible to be able to consolidate the accounts into one centralized location which I was hoping odrive could do for me. However it’s still a great tool to manage multiple cloud accounts.

Regarding my second question, I was trying to find the link that shows how many accounts from a single cloud provider you can add into a free vs premium package, but I was not able to find it anymore. Do you know how many Dropbox accounts I can link in the free vs premium subscription, and how many accounts all in all?

You can link as many as you want with either of the current free or the premium subscriptions.

I think we may actually have some soft limit of 50 links somewhere which nobody’s ever hit… we can definitely support more if you need it (just let us know–we just want to make sure nobody is doing anything completely screwy).


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