Can I choose a custom location to store or move O Drive and where Sync files Can Be Stored

Can I choose an external hard drive as the store location for Odrive and or the files I sync. I fully understand the purpose of the software but there are situations where I prefer to completely sync files down to PC and have a large external hard drive where I would like like to maintain O drive and most notably synced filed.

You are able to move odrive to another drive or folder by using the “move odrive folder” option in the odrive tray menu. You can also use odrive pro sync to create a sync relationship with an outside folder to any location in odrive.

When using the “move odrive” feature, keep in mind that moving to external drives may result in slower change pick-up by odrive, because the operating system may not provide us with the necessary events. You can also get some annoying pop-ups if you remove the volume while odrive is running.