Can I calculate how much storage one folder uses? [Amazon Cloud Drive]

Amazon Cloud Drive shows me the total storage being used… I want to know how much space a single folder uses. Is there any way to see that? I haven’t found anything in ACD, drive, or via google… I’m hoping someone here knows.

Hi @pat,
I don’t know of a way to do this other than having everything in the folder downloaded, which probably isn’t going to help you much. Are you looking for this as a way to find areas to reduce the total storage to come in under their new 1TB limit?

I use arq backup, and its internal calculation reports 133 TB used, but Amazon Cloud Drive reports 800 GB used. So I’m trying to see who is right (I’m assuming Amazon but you never know).

I have odrive linked to ACD so I hoped it might have some kind of folder-level reporting, or maybe people know of some other way to do it.