Can I add a file in my desktop to odrive

Hi all,

I wanted to know whether I can create a file in my desktop & upload it to odrive.
As I understood files in google drive,drop box etc can be uploaded to odrive. But I wanted to know whether above is possible.

odrive will automatically sync new files you put into the odrive folder.

If you want to sync files outside of the odrive folder, you can! Right-click the desktop folder and choose sync. This will give you the option to decide where you want files in your desktop folder to go in your odrive. Once configured, new files you add to your desktop will sync to the target location.

Please note the ability to sync external folders is a premium feature requiring a paid subscription.

Hi Peter,

I have a trial version of premium. When I create a new file/folder in my local “odrive” folder, it won’t sync. I can’t access it via odrive account. I can’t get a share link for it. Can you explain the reason for it

Can you take a screenshot of the files on your desktop, so we can see where they reside?
Can you also take a screenshot of the odrive tray menu?
In addition, please submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu.


Did you put the new folder inside a source folder? For example, if you have Google Drive, you’ll see a Google Drive folder in your odrive. Anything you create or add to the Google Drive folder will go to Google Drive. Folder and files right under the odrive folder have nowhere to sync to.

Hi Peter/Tony,

What I wanted to know is whether I can sync a file/folder created inside odrive folder(right under the odrive folder, not inside facebook folder)? We can do it in dropbox & google drive.

Hi @MK123

Files / Folders inside odrive folder root are not permitted or won’t sync since there is no source or storage available against which odrive sync these items.

To sync your files / folders, you must first add a link (e.g. Dropbox / GoogleDrive) from web client (+ Get more links), expand the source folder in desktop client and then add your files /folders inside the source folder (not odrive folder root).

Please read more about exciting odrive features and usage guide here:

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