Can encrypted files and folders be shared?

If so, how?

I would basically select the folder of file that I’d like to encrypt, then create and save a passphrase.

But would it be possible to create a link to that file or folder and give someone the passphrase (securely through my own means) so that they could view the contents?

What would the exact steps involve in doing so?

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You can share encrypted files through “spaces”.

  1. create a space
  2. invite user to space
  3. each user will need to define an encrypted folder using the shared space as storage
  4. as long as each user uses the same passphrase, files will encrypt/decrypt correctly

You can’t create a shared link to a file. This could be a big limitation depending on your use case.

The next version of our encryption system will simplify everything considerably. The next encryption system will be release before the end of the year.

To make sure we can handle your situation, please describe your use case in as much detail as possible.

Thank you.


Thanks Peter

I just want to share some files that I want to encrypt, and know what is needed on the the recipients end so that they can access and decrypt the files. Whether that means installing odrive, having their email, etc.

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