Cache file size, thumbnail and original link

I know there are several request relate to this feature from 2016. And then odrive 2 is born, you claim that odrive 2 is some how the answer for this feature. But Odrive 2 is totally different from Odrive 1 in many way. For some user Odrive 1 is still almost perfect.

What I and so many people request is please some how or in some way cache the metadata of a file or a folder for to view the size before decide to sync it. Beside that is the thumbnail for photos. You could say photo preview you can use the web preview but as you can see, it is not a good experience.

Moreover, please give us an option to copy and share the original link of a file or folder, instead of odrive link. Some of my clients are not comfortable if I share theme unfamiliar link.

It may be difficult for you and your team in techincal view to intergrate it to windows explorer, but I don’t mind if you design your own properties windows/ pop-up to display the information. I did see it in some other software. Just a suggestion.

Hope that we do not have to wait three more years :frowning: