Buried broken symlinks causing silent error

I am having a silent error.

I had a directory with a couple GB in it which was not syncing automatically, and failing to sync when I asked it to, with the following error:

After much detective-work, I found that the issue is a bin directory inside of ‘.env’, which contains several broken symlinks to python binaries. If I remove the broken symlinks in .env/bin, it syncs.

I know that symlinks should generally be avoided, but in this case they were just buried in the contents of a zip file I had downloaded. The presence of these symlinks prevented the entirety of the directory from being synced.

Is there a way I can be warned that a directory isn’t syncing? Is there a way I can find the problem that is more efficient than manually going through a process of elimination? Is there any solution to forcing a sync even with the broken symlinks?

Hi @alex.hakso,
Yes, this is an issue in the current version. The scan ends up aborting unexpectedly because the filesystem looks broken, which is why nothing else will sync in that location after this is encountered and you get a generic “unexpected” error.

This is something we’ve improved in the next generation product (no release date to provide, yet), so that this type of occurrence will be more visible.

Glad to hear that a solution is en route.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your consistent responsiveness over many months makes all the difference in the world in my odrive experience, and has been a significant factor in my evangelism for the product and patience with bugs.

Thanks @alex.hakso! I’m glad I can be of some help.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patience as we try to get out the next generation product.