Bulk Sync Option

Is there a way to Bulk Sync Procore Projects? i’m on a premium trial and you would think select all > right click > Sync would work but it only does the project you mouse over.

Hi @mike.rosenbrock,
My apologies for the inconvenience, but you cannot multi-select folders for syncing.

How many projects are you wanting to sync to your local system?

the goals was to sync them all and save them back to SharePoint via OneDrive

Hi @mike.rosenbrock,
If you want to sync all projects you can start one level higher, at “projects” and right-click->sync that directory.


Can you tell me about your use case?
For example, are you intending to perform a one-time backup to SharePoint, or are you wanting to setup a routine backup process for copying Procore data to OneDrive, or something else?

That’s exactly what i figured out 30mins ago, cheers Tony - thanks for the response and great tool

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