Break sync into multiple syncs

Right now I have a sync of my movies directory, and in that directory I have 5-6 other directories. I’ve decided I want to break up the syncing of each one at that level, but I already have 90% of the data in the cloud. I’m really worried about breaking and re-establishing the sync and screwing up the meta data. How can I break sync at one level, and re-create the syncs at another level without losing, or duplicating any data?

I replied to your other post (Migrating data between clouds WITHOUT coming down to my computer and back up?) with a possible solution to this.

Basically, you will need to stop sync (tray menu -> Syncing changes -> stop automatic sync). Then figure out what isn’t done yet. Move those files out somewhere to a temporary location. Then start sync again, let the client settle down so it realizes there’s no more work to do. Then you can drag in the files from your temporary location (“re-create the syncs at another level”).

Side note: In general, I would recommend breaking up large sets of data / doing things in batches. I do this out of habit even with software or hardware I have a lot of experience with (e.g. moving a lot of data into a NAS device)… Sure, it’s nice to set it and forget it, but I tend to favor a more controlled approach where I can confirm a batch is done then move on to the next set. It can be good practice and help prevent a situation like the above where you decide you want to make a change part-way through the procedure.

Let us how it works out / if you’re able to get out of your situation!


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