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Brandable links - Is it possible with odrive? 02-08-2020 00-18-12

Problem Description: I wish to create brandable links with odrive

Step 1. The following file is being shared.

Step 2. The link being shared is copied.

The copied link has the following format:

Quick Question - Instead of the above mentioned link, is there any option to have brandable links?

02-Aug-2020 Sun, 12:25 AM

Alternatively, is there any option to set password options and / or expiry dates from within odrive windows desktop client?

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Hi @anil.satyagraha,
Could you provide an example of the type of branding you would like to see for these links?

What is your use case for this, so that we can better understand the need and the potential solution?

I think it’s so important to send documents to another companies

This is something we will definitely consider.

We have another product called LeapFILE that is dedicated to secure file transfer and offers branding, if you want to take a look.