Blocked internet access

I run on Windows 10.
After the latest updates I’m facing internet access block to most of the webpages displaying no internet connection.
At the time I can’t work and have oDrive on.
The issue happens when I activate Automatic syncing and file uploading (no downloading) starts.
This is not a low speed issue due to increased dnld bandwidth (as I read in an another thread) - it’s about internet access blocking for most of the sites while others are lagging. Facebook / Messenger e.g. are not accessible while Google Search fails and needs more than 2 min to bring results. Even links to odrive site from the application menu in system tray are not accesible.
Could anyone guess what might cause this issue?

Thank you

To clarify, after updating Windows 10 you are not able to access most webpages?
Are you able to reach some webpages? If so, can you list a few examples?
Is odrive also affected?

Hello @Tony .

Please read again, I updated the topic.
After update to the odrive version I suppose - not windows update
Odrive works fine.

How many files are you trying to upload? It sounds like it could be a matter of lots of bandwidth and processing being used to perform the upload, which is impacting the ability to use the network for other tasks.

If you “Stop automatic sync”, are you able to browse without issues?

One file is uploaded of several MB (262)
But I have uploaded bigger files without any issues and with lower speed from my ISP than the current in the past.
Moreover, this happens regardless of the file size being uploaded.
Yes if I disable automatic syncing browsing gets back to normal

We haven’t changed the way we upload, so there shouldn’t be any difference in how odrive is utilizing the connection.

We do have throttling options in our Premium subscription that allows you to tweak some bandwidth utilization and concurrency parameters to try to prevent any bottle-necking. Let me know if you would like more information about this.

Are you utilizing a wireless connection or a wired connection on your system? You mentioned a new ISP. Did this come with new equipment that may be managing the traffic differently than before?

Hello @Tony I use wired connection.
Yes my internet contract is updated with higher speed and new modem. But the blocking happens only when I acitvate automatic syncing. In any other case my connection works lighting fast.
Would you suggest to completely remove odrive and install again?

I don’t think a reinstall would change the behavior, but we can leave that as an option.

Did this problem start only after switching your ISP?

Do you notice that the slowness for other applications happens on just the computer running odrive, or is it for all devices on your network? For example, is your phone, tablet, or other devices slow when odrive is uploading on your computer?

If the slowness only affects your desktop running odrive, you can try lowering the priority of odriveapp.exe. To do this, open up the Windows Task Manager, select the “Details” tab, and find odriveapp.exe. Right-click on odriveapp.exe and select “Set priority”->“Low”.

Problem started before upgrading my connection type (no ISP switiching)
Slowness happens on all network devices.
Now I notice that after cancelling a big file upload of 445MB my connection works fine.
So, from your sayings I understand that lowering the priority from windows could be a workaround. Right?

Since the slowness happens on all network devices, it indicates that the problem is purely network bandwidth related and that the bottleneck is happening upstream from the local machine. I don’t think the lower priority will help in this case, although you could try it.

odrive isn’t doing anything fancy when it uploads. By default it has a setting that is supposed to limit uploads a little bit. You can see this in the menu under “Set bandwidth throttling” where upload speed should be set to “Normal”. Setting it to “Limited” should reduce it even further. We haven’t adjusted the basic upload mechanics for a long time, so nothing has really changed in that area for probably a year or more.

It really seems like something is having a hard time managing and prioritizing the traffic, like the router or the ISP. Uploading a single file should not have such a large impact on general network performing for the entire local network.

Depending on your router capabilities, you could adjust the QoS settings to prioritize and deprioritize certain traffic or devices to help manage the traffic better.