Big Sur Compatibility

I was alarmed by the popup after I installed Big Sur saying that ODrive is incompatible. Given that Apple gives you no way to revert to Catalina, am I now completely screwed (a technical term) or are things not as bad as that popup implies? What exactly works and what doesn’t and what’s your time frame for getting everything to work?

Hey @allen,
Our latest version gets rid of that notification:

This has not be pushed to the autoupdater yet, but you can download the installer to upgrade. We generally wait a bit before autoupdating to ensure there are no uncaught issues that are then pushed out to everyone.

The primary Big Sur issue on the version you are currently running is that it had a crash in the UI. This crash was not prevalent, so most folks wouldn’t run into it. In any case, it was fixed in the latest version above and it is expected that everything will work on Big Sur as it did on Catalina.