"Big" files do not sync

Since 1/2 weeks ago any big files I try to sync end up not syncing. The 2 files that are having this problem are both video files, one with 1,66GB and another one of 4GB. I have been syncing video files with 3GB+ with no problem until 2 weeks ago I think

Hi @besugophoto,
We haven’t changed anything recently. Is this with Amazon Drive?

If you are using Amazon Drive then it is likely that you are hitting the issues we commonly see with large file uploads on Amazon Drive.

Yes, I’m using Amazon Drive! I’ve been syncing big files with no problem until now. What are the issues you guys commonly see?

Hi @besugophoto,
Take a look at this post here, which references another post that goes into even more detail. Recurring problem with upload to Amazon drive

It seems like Amazon Drive has gotten a little worse in this area, as of late. My own testing is showing a higher failure rate in both uploads and downloads.

I’ve found a work around. If I upload the file (that is constantly failing to sync in Odrive) through the Amazon app the problem is solved and it doesn’t fail.

Thanks @besugophoto,
I thought I had suggested trying Amazon’s client for these since they can make use of the, as of yet, unreleased “resume upload” API. In these types of cases, the file makes it up, but Amazon says it doesn’t. With a resume upload API we could ask it to resume and it should push it through. I believe this is what Amazon’s client does… just wish they would make that API available to us, or fix this false error situation.

Ahh, I see. It was in a different thread. Apologies for not making the same recommendation here:

I understand, I just tried to work out a solution and that ended up working. In this case I didn’t use any resume upload function, I just uploaded and it made it through no problems

Hi @besugophoto,
The Amazon app uses the resume API in the background, automatically, so you wouldn’t notice it.

Ahhhhhhh got it! Thanks!

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