Best options for 2TB of cloud storage?

since everyone here is all about cloud storage - i could use advice. I’m looking for 2tb of space for home stuff and could use recommendations of providers to look at…the problem I’m finding is most have 1tb plans but not 2.


Hi @steve4,
There are a few options for 2TB+, with their own positives and negatives. What are the important bullet points to hit for your use case?

oy - now you’re making me think. :wink:

not too expensive, a good ios app, strong security but not sharing. support selective sync directly or (ideally) work with odrive.

not much else.

right now we’re on amazon cloud and it’s ok. the ios app and native sync are pretty weak, but at least they offer 2tb. I’ve heard Box is great but it would cost 45/month which is crazy high.

I don’t know anything about the host-your-own options but could also be good if setup didn’t require a PhD in router configuration and the iOS app was great.


Hi @steve4,
A couple of services that odrive supports, aside from Amazon Drive, that fit your criteria:

  • Microsoft offers a 365 Home subscription for $100/year. This gives 5 user licenses and each user gets 1TB of storage. You can use odrive to link the 5 accounts, yielding a total of 5TB of storage, albeit in separate folders within the odrive folder. Their mobile offering is decent and have versioning for Office file formats. You also get Office 365 :wink:

  • Google Drive has a 2TB plan at $20/month. They have a decent mobile app and they support versioning and file history auditing.

1 Like offers 2 tb plan for $95/year. Monthly option also. oDrive currently doesn’t support it, but I’m hoping they might before too long.

Thanks all for the advice.

I use o365 so already have 2 x 1tb shares. I never knew you could strap them together as @Tony described above.

Excellent suggestions…

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