Bandwidth throttling doesn't appear to be working

Running Odrive on Windows 10. on prod 6083. I’ve set the bandwidth throttling to limited for the upload. With my connection, my max upload speed is at about 6.5Mbps. Despite it being set to limited, it’s still eating up 100% of my upload speed. I really wish there was an option for the user to specify the upload speed as I’m having to quit the application anytime I want to stream anything on my machine, or for any other device on my network.

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Hi @jmsmirage,
Bandwidth control, in general, is getting a major rework in our next major release and will improve this behavior significantly. That is still several weeks away for release, however.

Have you taken a look at your router’s ability to manage/prioritize traffic with QoS? Most modern routers support this and it should allow you to prioritize your streaming traffic and restrict the upload traffic on that machine, for example.