Badges not showing up in Win10/prod 5689

Somehow the badges are not shown in the last version (5689) on my machine. Neither on the left side in the explorer, nor in the main window.

Opening/closing does not change the situation.

Anyone else does have this problem?

Are context menus showing up? If so, it could be this (see next post too):

We are going to step up our naming to combat this in the next release.

Hi Tony.

OMG - the regeditor change to battle to the top of the overlays made it. What does this mean to the other badges of the other tools…? Will they now be hidden?
Is this the only way to show these overlays in the explorer… I hope not :wink:

Thanks for the hint.

Hi @carsten,
Thanks for the update. Yeah, its pretty lame, but there is no other way. The slots are limited to just 15, and 4 of those are used by the OS. This leaves just 11 slots for apps to fight over, including built-in OneDrive.

Windows loads the icons in alphabetical order so its basically an invisible, alphanumeric King of the Mountain battle between the apps trying to use overlays in Explorer. :fight: