Backup stopped CLI

I noticed that if the internet link goes offline for a few moments, the backup process is terminated.
Is there any way to set up a period for Odrive to wait for the link to go online again?

13 Jun 11:04:01AM INFO Couldn’t finish backing up, please check your network connection.
13 Jun 11:04:01AM INFO Finished backup.

Hi @ti1,
Backup jobs should restart after about an hour. Are you not seeing that?

Tony, thanks for the support.
At the time it occurred, I did not realize if the backup returned automatically, because I ran the command again.
I’ll do a simulation on this detail and then return.

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Hello Tony,
Actually the backup returns after one hour. I carried out the tests and confirmed this information.
A doubt has arisen here. When I run the “backup” command, does it become active infinitely? How does it back up? When it arrives at the end of the backup, does it return to the beginning?
Thank you!

When the backup restarts, one hour after the internet link went offline, I realized that the backup restarts, it does not continue where it left off. Is this information correct?

Hi @ti1,
When you specify a backup location it creates a persistent job and will re-run backup periodically to ensure that any new/changed files are backed up. It will do this indefinitely.

Dear Tony,
We verify by log, when the internet link goes offline, the backup is resumed after one hour. The problem is that Odrive restarts the backup, does not continue where it left off, making the backup interminable.
In 6 days that the job is running, only 205GB have been transferred to Onedrive.
Unfortunately this makes it unfeasible for our use.

Hi @ti1,
Sorry to hear that. Backup in the agent is an early beta version, so things are not perfect. Are you finding that the connection drops often? I can see where that would be an issue with the current behavior.

The link we use to perform external backup does not go offline frequently. that we barely got the warning that it is offline.
To help you, do you need me to send you some log data?

Hi @ti1,
Agen backup can be a slow process since it backs-up files, one at a time instead of performing any concurrent upload. Are you seeing that the backup is progressing, just slowly, or are you seeing that it is not progressing at all?

What do the logs indicate?