Backup exclude list available like sync exclude list?

So, I’m that guy that uses symlinks in windows. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find a way to make Odrive Backup ignore symbolic links and junction points, but it seems like it doesn’t honor the .symlink filetype in the configuration file. Any ideas?

File In Question:
PS G:\Movies\kids>
PS G:\Movies\kids> $whatsThis=(Get-Item .\Oldest_Sons_First_Year.mkv)
PS G:\Movies\kids> $whatsThis.LinkType

PS G:\Movies\kids> Get-Item .\Oldest_Sons_First_Year.mkv

Directory: G:\Movies\kids

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name

-a—l 4/25/2020 4:19 PM 0 Oldest_Sons_First_Year.mkv

PS G:\Movies\kids>

Backup Error:
04 Oct 02:02:57AM INFO Uploading G:\Movies\kids\Oldest_Sons_First_Year.mkv.
04 Oct 02:02:57AM ERROR An unexpected error occurred while backing up G:\Movies\kids to \My B2\Movie-Backups\kids.
04 Oct 02:02:57AM INFO Error encountered backing up G:\Movies\kids to \My B2\Movie-Backups\kids

Hi @toupeiro,
Backup actually uses the same exclusion list as sync right now, but there isn’t a way to exclude symlinks and junctions using it. Right now we follow them and would need to add an explicit flag to ignore them. I’ll see what can be done here.

Are you seeing that files that are symlinks are always erroring on upload, or was that just this particular case?

Hey Tony,

It appears to be each time the backup agent encounters a symlinked file in that directory.

Hi @toupeiro,
I will investigate this. These are symlinks made with mklink?

Hi @toupeiro,
I’ve been doing some testing around this. Backup shouldn’t have an issue with symlinks, but I identified a couple of bugs that were potentially causing issues in your case.

Can you give this build a try (only if you are willing and have a chance) and see if you are still getting the same errors with the symlinks odrive is hitting?

Excluding symlinks/junction is still on the list to explore…

Hey Tony,

Downloading now and will test right away. Yes, they were made with mklink :slight_smile: I might have some that I used Powershell with an itemtype of symboliclink but from a filesystem perspective they should be no different.

So some good news to report from a functional perspective. It appears that there is still an error that occurs when it encounters a symbolic link, but then it says "
Waiting and Retrying". A little more time passes, and then it just continues on with the rest of the file list. This definitely works for my needs, because after verifying in B2, its not “following the symlink” which is something that scps and rsyncs. and deletes can do with the wrong switches :slight_smile: So in effect it is ignoring symlinks in its current state with the latest Odrive client you linked above!

Thanks @toupeiro!

Can you send me the log of the errors seen? I just want to investigate those more.