Backblaze B2 Read only?

I just signed up for oDrive to use Backblaze B2 and when setting it up i get a “The b2 server could not validate these credentials.” After contacting Backblaze support I learned two things, first oDrive only supported B2 as 'read-only" ? Why? Will this be fixed? Secondly, BB support sent me this message:

“We recently put out a new authentication key system were you can create multiple extra keys for different purposes. Unfortunately not all of our integration partners have updated their clients to adapt to this change. If you are using one of these keys with oDrive you may need to contact them to see when they can push out an update to their client.”

Is the oDrive client being updated to fix this?

Thank you

Hi @dostoevsky233,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will investigate this and see what is going on here.

odrive1’s backblaze integration is read only. odrive2’s has write capabilities.

Hi @dostoevsky233,
Just an update here. odrive1 and odrive2 will still work with a “master” application key, which will show all of your B2 buckets, once linked.

We do not yet handle the secondary application keys, but I have put it on the product team’s radar.

Thanks for looking into that. Honestly, for me the worst part is not have write privileges to B2. I’m happy to use the beta to get write previleges but there isn’t even a Odrive 2 Desktop client available, so I’m stuck.

Hi @dostoevsky233,
I just wanted to let you know that odrive1 supports B2 writes now:

Please note that existing B2 links will need to “ALLOW WRITES” in the link config to enable this functionality.