BackBlaze B2 integration with oDrive giving an error

Hi, I bought B2 today and was trying to link my account like how I have linked Amazon Drive in past. But, when I try to add the App Id and Master App Id, I always get this error:
The b2 server could not validate these credentials

Can you help?

Hi @kool.sri,
Are you using a Master Application Key or a Limited Application Key?

Let’s try stepping through it from the beginning:

  1. Go to the application key section
  2. Click on “Add a new application key”
  3. Type a name for this key
  4. Select the bucket you want to access
  5. Select “Read and Write” (this is the default)
  6. Click on “Create New Key”.
  7. Copy all of the information they give you about the key to a safe place.
  8. Go to odrive | Sign in
  9. Click on “Link Storage”
  10. Click on the “Backblaze B2” icon
  11. In the B2 link window give your link a name
  12. Copy the “keyID” from step 7 into the “ACCOUNT ID/KEY ID” field
  13. Copy the “applicationKey” from step 7 into the “APPLICATION KEY” field
  14. Click “LINK”

I just tested this a few times with both a master application key and a couple of limited application keys and was able to successfully link.