BackBlaze at 100%, oDrive Items Waiting

i got a notice from backblaze that i reached 100% of my storage limit there. i also got a note from odrive that several files have been waiting and unable to synch to backblaze for a few days now.

i went into my local directories i have synched, and i reduced several older ones to one 7zip file, then deleted the individual files, and i told odrive to empty the trash.

however, it still hasn’t been able to synch to backblaze. is it trying to write files before it goes in and removes files? did i remove files correctly, or was i supposed to unsynch first?

do i just need to go into backblaze and free up (or add more) space for odrive to have room to work?

let me know, thanks a bunch! : )

OH! how do i check what version of odrive i have? it autoupdates each time, right?

Hey @BLR,
Our B2 integration will “soft delete” files instead of permanently deleting them. This allows you to have the option to recover files, if needed. The downside to this is that these soft deleted files will still count against your storage until they are permanently deleted.

You can manage this with B2 lifecycle rules:

Specifically, you will want to use the daysFromHidingToDeleting parameter, if you are setting a lifecycle rule.

Using their pre-defined rules, you can set either “Keep only the last version of the file” or “Keep prior versions for this number of days”

We have an autoupdate mechanism, but we haven’t pushed to it in a while. Because our releases have been very stable and reliable we have not forced any updates, since they can be disruptive to users.

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awesome, tony!

thanks a billion, once again!

hope things are going well for you guys. : ) take it easy!

Sure thing @BLR!

I realized I forgot to fully answer your question about versions. You can always download the latest version from here: Set Up Your odrive

You can see what your current version is from the odrive tray menu towards the bottom. The version will say “prod xxxx” where xxxx is the version number you are running.

Anytime we release, we post the release notes here: