B2 prevent new buckets from syncing

I’m trying to figure out how to prevent new B2 buckets from syncing.

The other day I made a new bucket to handle some backups from my NAS. I use rclone over there to upload, and fire off an upload once/week. I noticed my desktop mac was a bit slow and there was a huge amount of traffic (30MB/s or so). After some poking, I realized odrive had opted to start syncing up this 3TB+ bucket.

I also noticed that some snapshots that I’d made from the Backblaze backup side and stored in the bucket had synced.

Any way to prevent future buckets from auto-syncing like this?

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Hi @amazon12,
It sounds like you may have set some folder sync rules on the top-level B2 folder and they are telling odrive to sync new folders (buckets) that show up. This would happen if you perform a recursive sync at the top and check “Save and apply to new files and folders”. You can find more information here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-source-changes#section-folder-sync-rules

To stop this, do the following to reset all folders to using placeholders and not auto-downloading or auto-expanding anything.:

  1. Right-click on the root B2 link folder and select “Sync”
  2. Slide the Slider all the way to “Nothing”
  3. Leave “Include Subfolders” unchecked
  4. Check “Save and apply to new files and folders”
  5. Click the sync button

This will set all folders to “Nothing” for Download and set both checkboxes unchecked.

You can then apply rules to individual folders/buckets as you see fit.